What dies can never live again.

This is really interesting, philosophically and theologically.  Our school did a training day on bereavement and dealing with loss and I found it really challenging.

Death signals finality.  There is no understanding of the final steps of life that exist beyond the physical manifestation of death itself.  Love embraces the final goodbye.  We are left to continue.

Why do I find this interesting?  In a car park, not that far away, I promised myself that I would go on with my life, despite the fact that it felt impossible to continue.  I continued.

As life continued, I overcame that day and I finally said goodbye.  This process took several years. I fully came to understand that my brother wasn’t coming back.  It took me most of my lifetime to comprehend the finality.  What dies may never live again.  But the memories that we had together will live for as long as I have sanity.

Sanity depends on the tides that we experience, the tides that will always test us to our limit.



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