Monthly Archives: April 2015

The Cuckoo Returns.

Exciting times.  I have heard the Cuckoo’s call on two successive days.

After watching the Northern Ireland election debate last night, few would wonder why the Cuckoo left in the first place.  It may have escaped most of the electorate’s notice, who weren’t watching, that, on the face of it, it seems that we have an over-abundance of Cuckoos in Northern Ireland.  A few of them were placed on the debate last night, for whatever reason.

What did we learn?  Very little.  Were we inspired?  Not really.  Did we learn anything new?  This lot will never inspire the youth to be passionate about real politics.  Politics that can matter and inspire change.

My overall rating of the first debate was 4/10.  Individual performances?  Long (6.5/10)  McGuinness (5.5/10)  Kennedy (5/10)  Durkan (4/10)  Dodds (4/10)  Like Dumbledore in Harry Potter, I feel it is my duty to give Kennedy another 0.5, because he seems to be a decent guy.  Overall, a pretty poor performance by all.  However, there is always the next debate to score in the higher values!!!

Half empty or half full?

Emptiness is a state of mind.  When the world collapses, it seems like nothing will ever exist again.  What is empty will remain unfulfilled.  What is gone will never be realised.  What is lost will never be.  Every bullet of reality tears the heart apart, impacts the soul and ruptures the mind.

Fulfilment is a state of mind.  When the world collapses, my friends and family will help me exist again.  Memory will heal the emptiness.  What is gone will live again.  What was lost will be found together.  Every bullet of reality opens the heart, impacts the soul and creates a new me.

There are so many days that I feel half empty.  There are so many days that I feel that the glass is half full.  The flux that is life creates a fluctuating mindset.  Normality may be somewhere in the middle, or somewhere to the left, but, it should always be where you feel most comfortable in yourself.

Life is always half full and half empty at the same time.  It takes time to get over the emptiness and it takes time to live again.

Big bills and little bills.

I was watching the Andrew Marr show this morning and the interviews were with Ed and Boris.  What was of interest to the voting public that have been ‘zombified’ by the election?  We had an ‘about time,’ moment, where Mr Miliband finally told the world that there is nothing to apologise for when looking at spending on public services in the Parliament before the financial crisis, apart from the globally relaxed financial regulation that existed in this country and others.  The spending wasn’t wrong in itself.  It was morally right.  Those who manipulated the financial sector to serve their own ends were in the wrong.  The King in waiting, King Boris, would have us believe that there is an inevitable trickle down benefit of having an unregulated rental sector and a financial sector that is free to live in an untaxed world, in a world that doesn’t exist for most of the voting public.  I know that there are a very few that compare Prime Minister Cameron with the Leader of the Opposition on the Andrew Marr show.  I will give it a go.  Mr Cameron was always on the defensive and appeared irritable, even before Mr Marr questioned him about his alleged love of fox hunting.  Marr nearly choked on his apology to the PM, after it elapsed that someone, somewhere, had gleaned the wrong information.  Mr Miliband was calm and was absolutely clear on his priorities, unflappable and determined.  There is no doubt that Prime Minister Cameron has always been a highly capable political performer, but there is something lacking in the Conservative Party campaign of 2015.  Direction.  Boris Johnson is immensely entertaining, clearly well read and passionate, but is he Prime Ministerial?  The election really comes down to big bills and little bills.  The money that exists in my pocket allows me to pay the little bills and, in turn, the economy generated by the public fulfilling payments on schedule allows those in Government to pay the big bills.  The big bills that exist in the lofty world of the Sunday Times Rich List are of no benefit to society, unless there is a modicum of interest in fair redistribution, a world where everybody pays their fair share.  As the rich escape into a world of their own, the imagined trickle down effect evaporates from a faint stream of unfulfilled promises.  The little bills would always get bigger and the ability to pay would become ever more difficult for the vast majority.  Government would be faced with another financial crisis, as speculation on accumulated wealth inevitably generates boom and bust, in a sector devoid of any feeling for human losses.  The financial sector tsunami.  Those at the bottom perish.  As inevitable as the passage of time.  That is my reason why everyone should be animated at election time and choose wisely, avoid petrification or zombification.  If we all care, we can change those big bills into little bills, or those little bills into big bills.  Unaffordable into affordable and a living wage for all.  The aspirational society.