My Lucky Coin!!!

It is funny what you think about when you are on the edge of a big decision.

In 2006, I made one of the best decisions of my life.  I decided to listen to Diane and just went for it.  My lucky coin is lucky in so many ways.  Well.  Our bosses on the Fulbright Exchange had decreed that we shouldn’t gamble in Nevada.  We didn’t gamble, although that didn’t stop our US partners gambling.  We were allowed to watch.  One of my good friends gave me this coin as a memento of our time of not gambling in Reno.  I don’t really have a head for gambling anyway.  I don’t like taking risks.  One day, when it is is safe, I will tell the story of the Fulbright Rebellion.  It didn’t involve gambling.

My lucky coin represents the strength of friendship.  My parents used to package me off to central Germany on the Methodist tours!!!  We had so much fun.  Every one of the friends I made back then are still important to me now.  That was 1986-1989.  I will never accept the negativity that surrounds the Leave Campaign.  In the US, I met an amazing student activist who led the Georgian movement for democracy.  Recently, I met another amazing Georgian in Belgrade.  They love Rugby.  We love Rugby.  We really got on.  I have met people from all corners.  One fella did tell me to shut up about History and then told me to tell him where to find the best whiskey!  That was very funny.  That was very Irish.  I guess the spirit of the Irish and the Northern Irish lives within many people.  My Great Grandfather would approve.

My lucky coin represents the choice you have to make.  You have to vote.  Whether your decision is for or against, you have to make a choice.   You have to be happy to roll the dice according to how you see it.  We will calculate the loss and gains after everybody plays.  It is important to vote.

My lucky coin represents me and the friendships I have forged.  I am going to throw it up now and hope it falls on REMAIN!!!  Our stories are similar.  Our stories our parallel.  Our stories are intwined.  Our stories fuse to forge a common journey through life and a common narrative.

The most important thing.  Vote.  Make a decision.  Roll the dice.

We will all work together to build the future after the choice is made.





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