Father’s Day.

What is the greatest gift that any Dad can give his son?

Today, my Dad ran a temperature that was not necessarily in the safe region, and this was modified to take into account how many windows were open.  He started spasming.  That was the MS.  He lost interest in everything.  That was the temperature and the MS.  We had a brief discussion about this and that.  I was absolutely able to determine that he hadn’t had a heart attack or a stroke.  Thank goodness.  Well.  My Dad was able to reassure me that he hadn’t.  We phoned Dalriada and thankfully my sister came home.

Father’s Day.  What is the greatest gift that any Dad can give his son or daughter?  My Dad always encouraged me to do everything.  He took me to the airport.  He used to stand at the window, cooking up a storm, when I came home from work.  Curry evening.  Fry evening.  Every evening.  My Dad was there to support me.  And when I drove around Ronnie’s corner and up Corkhill, towards my house, my Dad used to say, ‘It is good to see him back.’

So.  What is the greatest gift that this son can give back to his father?  I must build on the impossible strength that he has always demonstrated.  I must acknowledge that every step that I take explains his life, and how he never expected us to divert from any challenge or life experience.  I must recognise that behind every illness and trial, lies a mother or father who holds every burden within themselves.  Most of all, I must be thankful for who I am and for the journey that my parents initiated.

The greatest gift that I can give my Father is an absolute acknowledgement that I am who I am because of you.

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