In one sleepy corner of this extraordinary life.

In one sleepy corner of this extraordinary life, two people chop wood and jest across the divide.

I went to the graveyard, the other day, to leave my mother’s wreath on Gareth’s grave.  I hate graveyards.  I am using the word ‘hate’ about graveyards.  Never will I go.  Never will I volunteer. Never.

Nevertheless, I went up and parked the car beside the church and encountered Brian McFarland with his elderly relative and I got to saying, ‘I have to leave this up here for my mother.’  There was a distant conversation in my ears about how Gareth’s wreath looks lovely, as I rushed to get the job done.  The wind was really blowing.  I placed the wreath and the wind decided to attack my mother’s carefully constructed Christmas memorial.  In fairness, the wind is always ridiculous at Kildress, so I didn’t mistake it for a poltergeist or a ghost of Christmas past.  I lifted the wee stones up and created a protective barrier to shield our memorial from the wind.  I really felt Gareth’s heart.

What did I feel?  The ghost of Christmas past.  Blue pillowcases, mandarin oranges and Grifter bikes.  That eejit climbing up the tower at Drum to whistle through his hands in a Western fashion; that is, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  Christmas used to mean watching endless Westerns, again and again and again.  I LOVE Westerns.  Just saying that in passing.

I felt what it feels to hold onto someone who is gone.  I scratched the surface to say hello to my brother again. I really want to hold your hand, give you all my love and let you know that remembering who we loved at Christmas and throughout the year is really important.  Our wee community is here for you.

Life will always continue.  My dad came back from hospital and respite.  We were so happy to have him as the key part of our Christmas celebration.  I think that he liked the Turkey that I prepared.  Myself and my brother cooked up a storm.  Zero, Finn, and all the Parrots came to visit.  My sister and brother argued about who is the maddest.  I didn’t get involved.  I think my brother is the eccentric.  My sister is the mad one.  And me?  I guess that I judge that question from one hurdle to the next.  Keelin said that I am the sensible one.  Just saying.

When it is all boiled down to one simple fact.  I have been blessed to live on this road, Corkhill.  All of my relatives on my mother’s side have always lived here.  My best friends have always lived on this road; Ernie and May, Trevor and my greatest friend of all, ETSB.

Endless sessions of Cricket with Trevor and his sons.  Endless football matches.  Pool tournaments and golf.  The evolution of bicycles and my brother falling off.  Hurdling into the snow drifts, athletics and everlasting memories.  I wouldn’t move an inch.

In one sleepy corner of this extraordinary life, two people chop wood and jest across the divide.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!




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  1. Esme

    I made the wreath at a local community group – Magheraglass Ladies – Homely, welcoming & creative. It just seemed right to place it on Gareth’s grave. As Denis was in hospital Denver delivered it and we appreciated him sharing his thoughts.


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