Samuel Bowden

Back when I was a GCSE student, in 1989-90, I met the most remarkable man.  Samuel Bowden. I was compiling research for my coursework on the Belfast Blitz.  I have no idea how I got to meet Sam. My mother and father will have to fill you in on all the details.

When we arrived, I had my pen and paper ready.  He started talking and then, suddenly, he began to recite poetry.  Verses from Tyrone.  He commented, ‘The only way to keep the mind lucid is to keep it active.’  I was a fifteen year old boy and I was so impressed.  He was amazing.  He then started talking about the Belfast Blitz and the devastation wrought by the bombers.  Sam was in the emergency services in Belfast and witnessed everything.  To this day, I still remember him talking about the firefighters who climbed up the ladders and tried to deal with the flames that enveloped the city.  They had an impossible task.

On this 75th Anniversary of the Belfast Blitz, I would like to remember Sam.  Every time I visit Belfast, I remember what he shared with me.  Every time I visit HMV, I vividly picture how it was.  Thanks to Sam’s testimony.

Sam.  You will always be one of my heroes.

75th Anniversary of the Blitz.


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