The floury potato.

A bit of local dialect required.

So, I took a wee spin into the town today, just to see what was going on.  I stopped at the potato van, just to enquire if he had any wood to quench the thirst of my burner.  He was nowhere to be seen.  A local lass pulled up in her Mercedes.  She asked, ‘What is the best floury potato?’  I thought she was saying that the weather was a bit floury today.  I replied, ‘I have never heard the weather described as floury before.  I guess it is.’  Turns out that she was looking for the perfect potato to go with two poached eggs.  Fair play.  As she noted, ‘it is just nice to have something simple, every now and again.’

Another thought.  Northern Ireland is the home of the wind and rain.  New Zealand is our twin country.  As my dad always said, ‘Keep the window open on New Year’s Eve and let the New Year in.’  Let Christmas be the time where family can join together.  Let the New Year breathe wind into new possibilities.  Open every window.

And keep searching for the flouriest potato.

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