The image of the ‘other.’

A few years ago, I had a conversation with an academic in this field, Dr Damian Jackson, and he talked about the artificial nature of borders.  Borders and boundaries are man made.  Are they constructed to withstand time, for all time, or are they as temporary as the climactic cycles of the Earth, or, more specifically, can artificial borders withstand the human interference that makes their very justification stone sink into meaningless detritus?  That is a very polite way of saying that we reap what we sow, and we create the desperate and the destitute through our actions, and we sadly motivate those who will tear down the fences that we build, out of sheer desperation.  What choice do they have?

In every choice we make, we mistakingly fabricate a mythology of ‘the other.’  We create the despairing and those who are motivated to fight for life.  There is a simple answer outside the vocabulary of state.  Show compassion.  Those who have nothing need kindness.  Those who have lost everything need hope.  Those who are desperate need repair.  Those falsely categorised as ‘the other’ are an essential part of this existence.  They are me.  They are you.  I am them.

We need to start mending fences and stop building walls.  Simple?






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