The legacy of the past.

I find this phrase extremely interesting.

We approach 2016 with awe and reverence, but nobody is actually asking the more interesting  question.  Is commemoration necessary?  The legacy of our troubled past assumes that there is something to be bequeathed to the next generation.   Perhaps it was already placed in a safe deposit box for all those who hold the correct combination of prejudice, stereotypical thinking and segregational community separation?

The BBC Northern Ireland resource, Legacy, has just been made available to all teachers in Northern Ireland.  Our family friend, Annie Harkness, gave her heart and soul into being open about her heartbreak on David’s death and her need to at least offer the possibility of forgiveness.  I will always think of her great faith as I cross the bridge beside her house.

The legacy of the peace that we have been gifted with today assumes that some of our politicians will bequeath the correct combination for future generations, a future free of prejudice, stereotypical thinking and one that is fully integrated and accepting.

The legacy of the past assumes we are acting on a vision for the future.  We are bequeathing a legacy that will stand firm.  We are emboldening our children to speak with a new voice.

We our waving goodbye to what once was.  We are saying goodbye to ourselves.  We are unleashing tomorrow.

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